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DASH Solutions offers a complete list of IT services for small and medium-sized businesses in Iraq. Our IT services are reliable and will save you money.


Timely Billing – Timely Payment.
A bill management system allows capturing the client’s activities and his costing model. Customer billing management helps to have a flexible pricing structure. It allows to roll up recurring bills, payment terms, and other billing preference.


Business analysis refers to the statistical analysis which is required to measure the past business performance in the area of skills and technology to gain insight and guide business planning Business analysts work in different industries such as finance, banking, insurance, utility services, software services


As the term ‘Supply Chain Management’ explains the management of the flow of goods and services via interlinked or interconnected modes of network and other distribution channels. It involves the movement of raw materials, finished and unfinished goods and services to the end-user 

04. Support & Maintenance Services

DASH strongly supports its clients by offering a wide range of software support and maintenance services to ensure that the delivered software runs smoothly and in full accordance with its clients’ requirements. The full range of support and maintenance services the company provides 

05. Networking Solutions

We provide a full range of networking services, including wireless networking solutions. We will secure your network and keep it running seamlessly.

06. Computer Support

Our services include both on-site and remote computer support. We will troubleshoot and resolve any computer issues quickly and ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

Server Maintenance

As a systems administrator or IT technician, one of your roles is the maintenance of server computers. When your service offering is dependent on your machines running like clockwork, you can't afford to have a tight process for regular maintenance.

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System Administrator

In larger IT organizations, the system administrator maintains the system software environment for business purposes, including the day-to-day maintenance of systems to keep them running smoothly. For example, the database administrator must ensure the integrity of, and efficient access to, the data that is stored in the database management systems.

Network Diagnostics

Find & fix network issues easily. Get your 30 day trial for free now! 30 day trial - no limits. Get push notifications. Create individual maps. Ticket system. Flexible alerting. Installed in minutes. Create custom dashboards. Monitor complete network

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Endpoint Security Advanced threat prevention



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