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The Odoo FMCG app allows you to manage a complete sales process but also to simply

We allow your FMCG business to generate full traceability of your products via serial or lot numbers scanned thanks to barcodes. Whether you require an upward or downward tracking of your goods, DASH is there to guide you through the process.

  Customer Details (Master Data)

  • Adding a customer to the system capability by sales rep

  • Assign the customers to the Sales rep and to the route by area

  • Adding new customers and adding to system and assigning to the route

  • Editing capability

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POS order

      Customer name.

      Order number

      Is the order paid or not paid

      Product into order

      Time and date

      Who creates the orde r

Products forms

      Product code

      Sales price


      Product type

      Photo of the product

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Odoo • Image and Text

GPS Tracking

Odoo POS  using GPS for both customer and the salesman to matching the location.

The salesman can’t open the sales order without matching the GPS

This step avoids mistakes and illegal orders

Also helping the salesman to find the nearest customer on the google maps

Managing new and old customers

Odoo CRM App helping you to add new customer collecting GPS data automatically and send it back to the customer manager system to approve and creating the customer

      Collecting GPS data

      Taking pictures of the shop

      Mobile number


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Reporting Sales performance report (Daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly, year to date, full year, up to date) all by By

  • Customer

  • sales rep

  • Area sales manager

  • sales manager

  • Region

  • City

  • Route

  • WH

Organization report

  • Authority 

  • Flow chart and approval on customer

  •  Loading and unloading notes for truck 

  • WH report and stock report

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